ECE448 Lab 4

Lab 5

Developing an FPro SoC with standard & custom hardware IP cores

Lecture slides:

Lab Lecture 5 Slides 4 [pptx, pdf]

Lab Lecture 5 Slides 3 [pptx, pdf]

Lab Lecture 5 Slides 2 [pptx, pdf]

Lab Lecture 5 Slides 1 [pptx, pdf]

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Basic Guides and Examples:

Companion Website of FPGA Prototyping by VHDL Examples 2nd edition

Sampler FPro System (including changes proposed by Zach Monte on 03/23/2021)

A Short Tutorial on FPro System Development using Vivado 2022.2 and Vitis 2022.2, targeting the Basys 3 Board


Lab 5 Exercise 3:


Lab 5 Exercise 2:


Lab 5 Exercise 1:



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