ECE448 Lab 6

Lab 6

Implementing the LightsOut Puzzle
with the display on a monitor screen

Lecture slides:

Lab Lecture 6 Slides 2 [.pptx, .pdf]

Lab Lecture 6 Slides 1 [.pptx, .pdf]

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Source code of the FPro system, targeting Basys 3, with the video subsystem, including the frame buffer (one bit per pixel):

Source code of the test application, main_video_test.cpp, and all standard drivers required for Labs 6:

Source code of a simple application involving a ghost video core, buttons, switches, and leds:


Note: If you encounter problems with running these applications from Vitis, move the definitions of the objects corresponding to software drivers inside of main(), as it was done in the code of the test application of the Sampler FPro System in Lab 4.


Lab 6 Exercise 2:



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