ECE 646 Applied Cryptography

Project Presentations

Monday, December 7, 2020
7:20-10:00 PM

Results of the Contest for the Best Project

Session I: 7:20-8:50 PM

Modern Public-Key Infrastructure & Lightweight Cryptography

Welcome & Rules of the Contest for the Best Project

by Kris Gaj

Attacks on Public-Key Infrastructure

by Isaac Moscoso and Philip Butts

Challenges of Implementing Post-Quantum Cryptography in the Internet of Vehicles Technology

by Ronan Joshua Roque

Understanding Vehicle Public-Key Infrastructure

by Cindy Gladden

Hardware Implementation of the NIST Lightweight Cryptographic Candidate SPIX

by Ayman Abbas

Session II: 9:00-10:00 PM

Privacy and Security in Communication and Computing

China's Domestic Mass-Surveillance as a National Security Threat to the US

by Igor Koshelev

State of the Art of Email Encryption

by Zhihao ("Kelvin") Li

Study in Homomorphic Encryption

by Amrtpal ("Jonny") Samra