ECE 646 Cryptography and Computer-Network Security

Project Specifications

Fall 2015

Group 1
  Secure Payments

Bitcoin - An Innovation

by Ravali Chennamneni and Rajitha Devabhaktuni

Security of Transactions Performed Using Credit Card Readers for Smartphones and Tablets

by Komrabai Kargbo

Securing Card-Not-Present Transactions Through EMV Authentication

by Matthew Carter and Brienne Douglas

Group II
Cryptography in Hardware

High-Speed Implementation of Authenticated Ciphers Competing in the CAESAR Contest

by Abubakr Abdulgadir

Analysis and Pipelined Implementation of Selected Parallelizable CAESAR Candidates

by Sanjay Deshpande

Vivado HLS Implementation of Round-2 SHA-3 Candidates

by Farnoud Farahmand

Group III
Hardware Security

All Programmable System on Chip Security

by Amit Singh

Anti-Counterfeiting of Integrated Circuits: RFID Tags as a Countermeasure

by Sathya Kanth Vardhanapu

Group IV
Crypto Libraries

An Analysis of Special Microprocessor Instructions from Intel, Texas Instruments, and Atmel Supporting AES and Other Cryptographic Algorithms

by Shawn Wilkinson

Overview and Comparison of Open Source Cryptographic Libraries

by Cong Chen and Yuqi Wang

Overview and Comparison of Open Crypto Libraries for Application Development

by Ravi Kota

Group V
Attacks against SSL and TLS

A Comparison of Popular Open Source Libraries Implementing the SSL/TLS Protocols with Particular Focus on Compatibility, Security, and Performance

by Richard Joy

Study of SSL/TLS Attacks

by Tejas Sontakke, Anamika Kesharwani, and Deepika Mallappa

Attacks on SSL/TLS

by Ernest Kushevski

Group VI
Security of Special Networks

Message Confidentiality in Enterprise Messaging Systems

by Michael Risher

Alice’s Jewelry Store -Educational Multi-media Presentation on Fully Homomorphic Encryption

by Uday Kumar Vatti, Naga Navya Mingu, and Preethi Kondaprithviraj

Security of Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communication Networks

by Krishna Nikhila Kalinga and Daniel May

Group VII
Quantum and Post-Quantum Cryptography

Quantum Cryptography Implementation Vulnerabilities

by Brian Maher

Parameters Optimization of Post-Quantum Cryptography Schemes

by Qing Chen