ECE 429

Control Systems Laboratory
Spring 1998

Lab Time: Wednesday, 1:30 - 4:20 p.m., S&T I, Rm. 2B
Graduate Teaching Assistant: TBA
Prerequisites: ECE 421 or POI
Text: Lab Manual -- will be available in the Johnson Learning Center, Room 117

The faculty supervisor for this course is Dr. Beale, Room 257, Science and Technology II, 993-1596. His office hours are shown on his homepage. The GTA will be responsible for providing assistance to the students during the lab and during his/her office hours. The GTA will also be responsible for all grading in the lab, and will set standards for the grading. The weighting of the various experiments will be based on the number of weeks assigned to the experiments.

The objective of this laboratory is to enable the students to strengthen their understanding of the design and analysis of control systems through practical exercises. This will be accomplished by using modern software resources to analyze and simulate the performance of realistic system models and to design control systems to satisfy various performance specifications.


The control systems laboratory consists of three separate units. Each unit consists of several experiments. Unit A involves analysis and controller design for a fairly simple system model. Unit B involves the design and implementation of control systems using actual hardware. Unit C involves compensator design for a system involving pure time delay.

Students in the lab will be divided into groups of two students each. Students will document each experiment with a description of their procedures, results of their analysis or design, and plots as appropriate. The reports for the various experiments within a particular set will be turned in to the GTA at one time when the set is completed.

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