Recent Graduate Students

Ph.D. Students


M.S. Students

  • Philip P. Soucacos, M.S., August 2006, "Fault Recovery in Underwater Vehicles Using Robust Reconfigurable Control". (Abstract)
  • Garry W. McLeary, M.S., January 2006, "H-infinity Control Design For Near-Zero Speed Submarine Depth Control". (Abstract)
  • Mian Zainularafeen Shahid, M.S., January 2004, "Robust Reconfigurable Control for Stern Plane Jams in Underwater Vehicles". (Abstract)
  • Joseph H. Kim, M.S., August 1998, "A Study in Simultaneous Stabilization for Convex Combinations of Linear Systems". (Abstract)
  • James Montanaro, M.S., January 1997, "Control of Mechanical Vibration" (scholarly paper). (Abstract)
  • Mengli Li, M.S., August 1994, "A Control System Design and Implementation for Microwave Joining of Ceramics" (scholarly paper). (Abstract)
  • Wayne C. Mason, M.S., January 1993, "Performance and Robustness Trade-offs in Linear Quadratic Gaussian Controller Design". (Abstract)
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