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Matlab will be a very important and useful tool to help you learn and understand the important concepts and techniques in Linear Algebra. It will also be the tool that you will need in exploring some of the applicaitons in this course.

A student edition of Matlab may be purchased at a significantly discounted price, and is a program will probably be using in other courses.

If you do not want to purchase Matlab, Octave is a nice Open Source alternative. Instructions on how to download and install Octave may be found on the Octave Page for this course. You may find a number of threads that compare Octave with Matlab, and the general comments are that Matlab is much faster than Octave, and the Matlab plotting features are superior to Octave because they are native whereas Octave uses GNUPlot. However, for this course, Octave shoud be an acceptable alternative to Matlab.

Matlab Tutorials

  1. Getting Started with Matlab (by Edward Neuman, Southern Illinois University).
  2. Using Matlab in Linear Algebra (by Edward Neuman, Southern Illinois University).


There are many resources, on-line, that give you demos and code for a variety of different digital signal processing problems and applications. Some of these demos are given below, and include those that were demonstrated in class.

Date Title Description



Demonstration of discrete convolution