Problem Sets

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Listed below is are the problem sets for the course, including the date assigned, the date due, data files if required, and solutions that are posted after the due date.

Note that all problem sets are due, in class, on the due date posted, and absolutely NO LATE ASSIGNMENTS will be accepted, for any reason.




Date Due
1 Problem Set #1 Sept. 10 Sept. 19 Solutions PS#1
2 Problem Set #2 Sept. 19 Sept. 26 Solutions PS#2
3 Problem Set #3 Sept. 26 Oct. 10 Solutions PS#3
4 Problem Set #4 Oct. 10 Oct. 17 Solutions PS#4
5 Sampling Nov. 05 None Answers/Selected Solutions
6 DFS and the DFT Nov. 19 None Answers/Selected Solutions
7 Implementation and Design Dec. 03 None Answers/Selected Solutions
8 Random Processes Dec. 10 None Answers/Selected Solutions