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Class Schedule

Viewgraphs of the lectures are linked from this page. Username and password were announced in the second lecure. The viewgraphs are only meant for students registered for this class. You must not distribute them outside of class.

Homeworks are linked from the homework name in the Homework column. They are due on the day in which they appear in the table, on paper, and at the beginning of class. Make sure you staple the pages and write your name on-top.

1September  2ndIntroduction to Microprocessors, Number Systems, etc.
2September  9thInstruction Set Architecture (ISA)
3September 16thAssembly Language (x86)HW 1 Due
4September 23rdMSP 430 (these slides will be upated!)
5September 30thComputer System Performance and Metrics
6 October  7thMicroarchitecture and PipeliningHW 2 Due,
longadd.s (Cygwin),
longadd-lx.s (Linux)
7 October 14thMemory Hierarchy, Cache Memory
8 October 21stExam ReviewMidterm Exam'09
9 October 28thMidterm Exam
10 November  4thVirtual Memory
11 November 11thILP: Beyond Pipelining
12 November 18thBranch PredictionHW 3 Due
November 25thThanksgiving Break
13 December  2ndLimits of ILPRead [Wall 93]
14 December  3rd(6 pm) Exam Review
ENGR 1107
Final Exam'09
December  6th(1/1) correlating predictor exampleHW 4 Due
Solution(updated 8/12)
16 December  9thLast Exam

The schedule is subject to change!

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