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Project Presentations

December 6th, 2011
4:30 pm - 8:50 pm
Research Hall 163
Presentation Schedule

Project Groups

This table also contains the outcome of the Coolest Project contest. All votes were cast by the audience. The awards in each category: Results (best working coolest project) and Presentation (coolest presentation) are as follows:

  1. Award - 5 Points
  2. Award - 3 Points
  3. Award - 2 Points

Congratulations to the Winners! There were many great projects this semester and is was not easy to propose, design, and build a winning project.

NrGroup MembersProject Title1st Progress Report2nd Progress ReportFinal PresentationFinal Report
1 Chenette, Joel
Cressin, Anne-Marie
Hunter, Aaron
Whitestone, Eric
Obstacle Evading Ultrasonic Robot PDF PDF PDF PDF
2 Falade, Babatunde
Kane, Michael
Reynolds, Stacie
Rychak, Ryan
Pretty Lights
Transducing Sound into Visuals
2nd Place Results, 2nd Place Presentation
3 Errabelly, Ajith
Rajath, Pratheek
Sreepad, Srinidhi
Wakchaure, Snehil Suresh
Modeling of an Integrated Directional Unit PDF PDF PDF PDF
4 Esquivel Gutierrez, Jhonny
Lloyd, Christopher
Capacitive Touch Controlled Vehicle
3rd Place Presentation
5 El Ali, Mahmoud
Glidden, Douglass
Lovell, Russell
Trimble, Jeremy
The Digital Doorman
1st Place Results, 1st Place Presentation
6 Fotedar, Ajinkya
Malka, Pavan Kumar
Mathur, Animesh
Polala, Varun
Automated Irrigation System PDF PDF PDF PDF
7 Dhanavanthri, Swathi
Gollapudi, Parimala
Nagamalla, Vamshi Krishna
Routhu, Anshul
Tongue Drive System
3rd Place Results
8 Anigandla, Subash
Krovvidi, Sri Divya
Rachakonda, Hemanth
Yannam, Bala Subramanyam
Stepper Motor Speed and Position Control PDF PDF PDF PDF
9 Alzahrani, Esam
Elmzoudi, Abdelkebir
Val, Michael
Head-Impact Data Recording System for Football Injuries PDF PDF PDF, JPG, JPG PDF

Project Specifications

The Project Specifications should be an outline of your project. They need to clearly specify what the goal of your project is and how you are planning to accomplish it. Furthermore, they need to detail what hardware components you are planning on using and how they are going to interface with the MSP 430. All features of the MSP 430 that you are planning on using (timer, ADC, etc.) need to be listed including for what purpose they will be used.

Progress Report 1

Your 10 minute presentation should contain: