Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering George Mason University Volgenau School of Engineering

Class Schedule

The Viewgraphs of the lectures and Homework Assignments are available on My Mason for students registered for this class.

1 August 28thIntroduction to Microprocessors, Number Systems, etc.
2September  4thInstruction Set Architecture (ISA)
3September 11thMicrocontroller: MSP 430 HW 1
4September 18thMicrocontroller: MSP 430 (Part 2) Project Proposal (Draft)
5September 25thComputer System Performance and Metrics Project Proposal
6 October  2ndMicroarchitecture and Pipelining HW 2
October  9thNo Lecture
7 October 16thProgress Reports HW 3, Progress Report 1
8 October 23rdMidterm Exam
9 November  6thMemory Hierarchy, Cache Memory
10 November 13thVirtual Memory HW 4
11 November 20thILP: Beyond Pipelining Progress Report 2
12 November 27thBranch Prediction HW 5
13 December  4thLimits of ILP HW 6
14 December  7thProject Presentations Presentation
December 11thFinal Exam Project Report

The schedule is subject to change!