Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering George Mason University Volgenau School of Engineering

Project Resources

Integrated Development Environments for MSP 430

  • Code Composer Studio (Windows, MacOS, and Linux).
  • IAR Kickstarth (Windows), choose "Download a free trial". This version is also the Kickstart size-limited version.
  • Energia (Windows, MacOS, and Linux), Arduino Style tool which hides the hardware under several layers of abstraction.

The alphabetical lists of vendors below are incomplete. Students are not required to purchase devices and components from any of these vendors. This list merely tries to give students in this class a good starting point when they are looking for devices, components and PCB manufacturers. If you are a student of this class and know of another resource that should be listed, please tell me after class.

Electronic Components Distributors

Do It Yourself Stores

Printed Circuit Board Manufacturers