Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering George Mason University Volgenau School of Engineering

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Lecture DateTopic Due
1 August 30thIntroduction and basic concepts of cryptology
2September  6thImplementation of security services HW 1
3September 13thKey Management and secure e-mail HW 2, Draft Project Specification
4September 20thMathematical background: Modular arithmetic HW 3, Project Specification
5September 27thHistorical Ciphers HW 4
6 October  4thData Encryption Standard HW 5
October 11thMonday Schedule 1st Progress Report
7 October 18thModes of operation of block ciphers HW 6, Lab: PGP
8 October 25thMidterm Exam
9 November  1stAdvanced Encryption Standard. Lab: CrypTool
10 November  8thRSA -- Genesis, operation, and security. Factoring HW 7, 2nd Progress Report
11 November 15thRSA -- Efficient implementations, key generation HW 8
12 November 22ndMessage Authentication Codes, Digital Signatures HW 9
13 November 29thModern cryptographic algorithms, key sizes, standards HW 10, Draft Presentation, Draft Report (12/2)
14 December  6thRandom Number Generators, Physical Unclonable Functions Report Reviews
December  9thProject Presentations (4:30pm-9:00pm)
December 13thFinal Exam Final Report (12/16)

The schedule is subject to change!