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Presentation Schedule

DateTopicReading Assignments (Slides)
August 26thIntroduction, Vision and Challenges Weiser, Abowd, Davies, additional: Want (Kaps/Sousa)
September 2ndApplications Meyer(Chia-Hun), Johansson(Ahmad), Abowd(Nikolaos), Bardram(Nick)
September 9thSecurity Perrig, Jules(Kaps), Perrig(Padmanabhan), Karlof(Srividya), Kaps(Ahmad)
Summaries only for the last three papers.
September 16thPrivacy Consolvo(Zeynep), Palen(Jimmy), Langheinrich(Sousa), additional: Newton
Summaries only for the first two papers
September 23rdEvaluation and Usability Iachello(Chia-Hun), Chung(Nikolaos), Scholtz(Sousa), additional: Trevor
No Summaries this week, prepare project proposals!
September 30thNew Devices and Technologies [Hill, Abdelzaher](Kaps), [Want, Sheng](Padmanabhan), [Szewczyk, Culler](Zeynep), [Lorincz, Jurik](Srividya), additional: Samuel
Most papers are very short so some are organized in groups of two per student. Try to summarize in less than 100 words each paper group. When presenting 2 papers, treat it as a group and don't have more than 10 slides total.
October 7thLow Power Circuit Design Benini(Padmanabhan), Kim(Jimmy), Grunwald(Nick)
These papers go into some detail interesting for ECEs. Keep your summaries at a top level and concentrate on the main points the authors make.
October 14thNo Class
October 21stPower Management, Power Sources Tiawari(Ahmad), Lorch, Martin(Jimmy), Roundy(Kaps)
October 28thProject Checkpoint
November 4thMidterm
November 11thMiddleware and Architectures [Sousa, Roman](Sousa), Georgantas(Zeynep), Han(Chia-Hung)
November 18thUser I/O Devices and Interaction Models Fishkin(Srividya), Greenberg(Nick), [Kjeldsen, Dey](Kaps)
November 25thAwareness and User Modeling [Schilit, Kobsa](Sousa), Cheverst(Zeynep), Dey(Nikolaos?), Smith(Chia-Hung)
December 2ndProject Lab
December 9thProject Presentations

The schedule is subject to change!

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