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Presentation Schedule

DateTopicReading Assignments (Slides)
September 2ndIntroduction, Vision and Challenges Weiser, "The Computer for the 21st Century",
Abowd, "Past, Present, and Future",
Davies, "Challenges in Deploying",
additional: Want, "Disappearing Hardware"
September 9thApplications Meyer, "Homes" (Anthony),
Johansson, "Rooms" (Rayvn),
Abowd, "Classroom 2000" (Patrick),
Bardram, "Hospitals" (David)
September 16thNew Devices and Technologies [Hill, Culler, "Wireless Sensor Networks, Technology and Challenges"] (Kaps),
[Szewczyk, Abdelzaher, "Wireless Sensor Networks, Applications"] (John),
[Want, Sheng, "RFIDs"] (Ice),
[Lorincz, Jurik, "Emergency Response and Medical Monitoring"] (Omar)
September 23rdEvaluation and Usability Introduction (Sousa),
Iachello, "Prototyping and Sampling Experience" (Omar),
Consolvo, "Location Disclosure" (David)
Ruyter, "Human-centered Interfaces" (Aditya)
September 30thLow Power Circuit Design Benini, "Low-Power Recipes" (Ice),
Kim, "Leakage Current" (Aditya),
Grunwald, "Dynamic Clock Scheduling" (Jeff)
October 7thPower Management, Power Sources Lorch "Energy Management" (Ice),
Martin "Non-ideal Battery" (John),
Amirtharajah "Energy Harvesting" (Anthony)
October 14thPrivacy Palen, "Privacy Models" (Rayvn),
Langheinrich "Privacy Awareness" (Kaps),
Newton "Video Anonymization" (Patrick)
October 21stProject Checkpoint
October 28thSecurity Perrig "Security in WSN" and Karlof "TinySec", (John)
Kaps "Cryptography on a Speck of Dust" and Eisenbarth "Lightweight Cryptography" (Ice)
November 4thMidterm
November 11thUser I/O Devices and Interaction Models Greenberg "Phidgets" (Aditya),
Kjeldsen "Vision-based user interfaces" (Kaps),
Buettner "RFID-Based Sensors" (Patrick),
Peltonen "Multi-Touch Display" (Anthony)
November 18thAwareness and User Modeling Kobsa "User Modeling Systems" (Sousa),
Dey "Mediation of ambiguous context" (David),
Harrison "Multi-modal Sensing" (Jeff),
Pirttikangas "Occupancy Sensing" (Jeff)
December 2ndMiddleware and Architectures Garlan "Aura" (Rayvn),
Roman "Active Spaces, Gaia" (Rayvn),
Schiele "Pervasive Computing Middleware",
Georgantas "Middleware Architecture for Ambient Intelligence" (Omar)
December 9thProject Presentations

The schedule is subject to change!

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