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Presentation Schedule and Deadlines

DateTopic 1Topic 2Topic 3Due
01/20/10 Introduction Research Topics
01/27/10 Differential Power Analysis (Rajesh) True Random Number Generators Topic Selection
02/03/10 Literature Search Results Literature Search
Snow Break
02/17/10 Lightweight Cryptography (Panasayya) Montgommery Multipliers (Marchin) Revised Literature Search
02/24/10 Hardware Evaluations (Vinny) SHA-3 (Ice) EM Analysis (Kevin)
03/03/10 PUFs (Xin)Pairing Based Cryptosystems (Paul S.) Tojans (Ahmad)
Spring Break
03/17/10 Open Problems Discussion Spectral Cryptography (Paul D.)
03/31/10 Research Idea Discussions Research Ideas
04/07/10 Research Matrix Presentations Montgomery Multiplication Research Matrix
04/14/10 Research Matrix Presentations (continued) Revised Research Matrix
04/21/10 Defending Against DPA on FPGAs (Rajesh) Lightweight Cryptography on FPGAs (Panasayya) Motivation
04/28/10 (Marcin) (Ice) Research Approach Discussion Previous Work
05/05/10 (Vinny) (Ahmad) (Xin) Research Approach
05/12/10 (Paul S.) (Kevin) Final Report

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