Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering George Mason University Volgenau School of Engineering

Class Schedule

The Viewgraphs of the lectures and Homework Assignments are available on My Mason for students registered for this class.

Lecture DateTopic Due
1 January 21thIntroduction, Number theory: groups and fields
2 January 28thGalois fields theory
3 February  4thImplementation of Galois field arithmetic and CryptosystemsHW 1, Draft Project Specifications
4 February 11thAdvanced Encryption Standard (AES) HW 2
5 February 18thElliptic Curve Cryptography HW 3, Project Specifications
6 February 25thSide Channel Analysis: Timing and Power HW 4
7 March  4thMidterm Exam
March 11thSpring Break
8 March 18thIdentity Based Encryption
9 March 25thLong number arithmetic: Montgomery and Karatsuba-Offman
10 April  1stExponentiation algorithms HW 5, Progress Reports
11 April  8thStream ciphers and Linear Feedback Shift Registers HW 6
12 April 15thAttacks against Discrete Logarithms: Shank's algorithm, Pollard's-rho method, Index calculus method HW 7
13 April 22ndSecret sharing, threshold schemes, zero knowledge proofs HW 8
14 April 29thSide Channel Analysis: Fault and Cache HW 9, Draft Project Paper
May  1stProject Presentations (4:30pm-9:00pm)
May  8thFinal Exam 5/6 Project Paper Reviews
May 11th Final Project Paper

The schedule is subject to change!