Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering George Mason University Volgenau School of Engineering

Presentation Schedule and Deadlines Updated 2/29

DateTopic 1Topic 2Due
Snow Day
02/01/16 Introduction Research Topics
02/08/16 Differential Power Analysis Post Quantum Cryptography (Ahmed) Project Proposal
Snow Day
02/22/16 Literature Search Results DPA Countermeasure Masking (William) Literature Search
02/29/16 Research Matrix Finite Field Multipliers (Michael) Revised Literature Search
Spring Break
03/14/16 Research Matrix Presentations High-Level Synthesis Implementation of SHA-3 Candidates (Farnoud) Research Matrix
03/21/16 Open Problems Discussion Secure Distributed Storage (Cody) Revised Research Matrix, Open Problems
03/28/16 (Cong) (Abubakr) Previous Work
04/11/16 Research Idea Discussion (Ahmed) Research Ideas
04/18/16 Research Approach Discussion (William) Research Approach, Motivation
04/25/16 (Michael) (Farnoud) Final Research Approach
05/02/16 (Cody) (Cong)
05/04/16 (Abubakr)
05/09/16 Final Report