Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering George Mason University Volgenau School of Engineering

Presentation Schedule and Deadlines

DateTopic 1Topic 2Due
01/26/12 Introduction Research Topics
02/02/12 Differential Power Analysis Physical Unclonable Functions (Bilal) Project Proposal
02/09/12 Literature Search Results Usage of Embedded Resources for Cryptograohic Implememntations (Umar) Literature Search
02/16/12 Secure Hash Function Candidates for SHA-3. Meeting with NIST.
02/23/12 Pairing Based Cryptosystems (Rabia) Hash Functions on Embedded Systems (John) Revised Literature Search
03/01/12 Cache Attacks (Mahidhar) General Number Field Sieve(Robert) Research Matrix
03/15/12 Homomorphic Encryption (David) Research Matrix Presentations Revised Research Matrix
Spring Break
03/21/12 Research Matrix Presentations RFID Security(Changha)
04/05/12 Research Matrix Presentations Research Idea Discussions Research Ideas
04/12/12 (Bilal) Open Problems Discussion Previous Work
04/19/12 (Rabia) Research Approach Discussion Motivation
04/26/12 (Robert) Research Approach
Report Writing
05/10/12 (Umar)(Changa) (John)(Mahidhar) Final Report