Translating Information from Graphs into Graphs: Signals Processing

Margret A. Hjalmarson, Kathleen E. Wage, and John R. Buck

Students studying signals and systems processing participated in clinical interviews related to their understanding of fundamental concepts in the discipline. This includes the interpretation of graphical representations of signals and functions. Preliminary analysis indicates that students with understanding of fundamental structures in signal processing (e.g., frequency, magnitude) can organize information from multiple graphs simultaneously to make projections about a system of signals. Mathematically, they need to be able to organize and interpret multiple representations in order to make predictions about a system.

© Hjalmarson, Wage, and Buck. The article (PDF) appeared in Proceedings of 11th Annual Conference on Research in Undergraduate Mathematics Education, pp. 1-16, March 2008, and may also be found on the CRUME conference website.

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