Concept Inventory Links

Our efforts developing the SSCI were inspired by the Force Concept Inventory (FCI). The FCI is a multiple choice exam covering Newtonian physics. It includes carefully-crafted incorrect answers that encompass many common student misconceptions about fundamental concepts. The questions incorporate visual diagrams and everyday situations to emphasize conceptual understanding over mathematical manipulation. Since its introduction, the FCI has spurred reform in the freshman physics curriculum. You can read more about the FCI here. (Note: you may need to scroll down the page to find the FCI section.)

Richard Hake's website provides useful information on physics education research, including downloadable versions of several FCI-related references.

The Foundation Coalition sponsored the development of a number of concept inventories for engineering subjects. More information about this concept inventory work can be found here. For a brief introduction to CI's, see the 1-page brochure produced by the FC: PDF brochure.

The Concept Inventory Central website has a list of concept inventories (compiled in 2007).