Midterm Exam 2 question list

Chapter 5

(a) Homework #3 and the examples in Chapter 5

(b) Convection and conduction currents - the concepts and equations

(c) Conductor: the resistance and resistivity, how to find out the current and resistance of a conductor

(d) Polarization in dielectrics Eq. (5.27) (5.31) and (5.32)

(e) Dielectric constant and strength

(f) Boundary Conditions


Chapter 6

(a) Homework #4 and the examples in the Chapter 6

(b) Poisson's equation (and Laplace's equation), in three coordinate systems

(c) 6.4 general procedures to solve Poisson's equation (and Laplace's equation)

(d) Examples 6.1 ~ 6.7

(e) Resistance and Capacitance: A. Parallel-Plate Capacitor, B. Coaxial Capacitor, C. Spherical Capacitor

(f) Example 6.8, 6.9, 6.10, 6.11, 6.12, 6.13

(g) Method of images, Example 6.14




















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