University Service

Technical Panel Review and Proposal Review

Executive committee member, Chair, Electronics&Photonics Division (EPD), Electrochemical Society (ECS)

EPD actively supports the research on the processing and characterization of electronic and photonic materials and devices. Executive committee is responsible of division management and meeting arrangement.

Operation committee member, Virginia MicroElectronics Consortium (VMEC), (2007 - present)

VMEC leads state wide education, research, and development in micro/nanoelectronics, and related fields, and Assist semiconductor industry in Virginia by providing expert help, educated engineers, and scientists.
Chair of VMEC summer scholar program (2014 - present), leading a summer research internship program. Students from member universities spend a summer at another Virginia university or at one of the industry members gaining valuable experience in microelectronics.

Review technical papers

- IEEE: Electron Device Letter, Transactions on Electron Devices and Nanotechnology
- American Physics Society (APS), Applied Physics Letter, Journal of Applied Physics
- Nature Publication: Scientific Reports, Nature Communications
- American Chemical Society (ACS), Nano Lett. and ACS Nano, ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces
- Institute of Physics (IOP): Nanotechnology, Semiconductor Science and Technology, Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics